ABOUT PAKALIBA

Pakaliba is a place of a great geographical location in the Gambia, located in the Lower River Region of the Gambia. Its location made it such that if you traveled the country, through the trans- Gambia highway, you must go through it. It is also accessible through River Gambia with Sofanyama Bolong. A bridge built on Sofanyama Bolong in 1960 serve as the boundary between Lower River Region and Central River Region. Pakaliba is a typical Gambian village with little modern amenities.The village got its only primary school in 1978, since then, the school has produce a great number of successful students.In addition to the continual upgrading of the school by the education department of the Gambia, the school's main fund for development comes from international donors like action aid the Gambia a non governmental organization in the country.And also the Netherlands foundation for Gambian children, whose contribution leads to the renovation of a destroyed building and also fencing of the school compound.Refer to the photo section for pictures on that.Beside the primary school, the village also has a single-building clinic, which supply the village and its surrounding villages with a monthly medical attention.Efforts are going on to improve the clinic so that there will be a continuous availability of medical professionals and equipment.The village's accessibility to the out side world is also enhanced by the availability of telephone services in the village.

Due to its strategic location a french man from France was able to build a camp called Sofanyama Lodge which serve as a residential lodge for visiting french hunters and also serve as a lodge for tourist. In addition to that establishment, a road construction company called Ballast Nedam has a base there which is currently employing many potential youths in the village.

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