WHO WE ARE


 Pakaliba Youth Association was set up on the 13th June 2006 in Bundung, Serrekunda. The association was formed because the youths of Pakaliba deemed it necessary to establish a well oriented association to promote unity and understanding between and amongst the youths to embark on social development in the community. The association consists of more than one hundred registered members, both males and females, who are residing in Pakaliba, Greater Banjul Area and other parts of the Gambia. The role of the youths towards community development and the Nation at large is very vital, that deems it necessary for youths of Pakaliba and the entire village at large to form an association in order to enhance efficient service delivery and community development. We believed that the involvement of youths in community development, maintenance of peace and justice is only possible when we come together under one umbrella to work whole-heartedly together. Needless to say this cannot be achieved in isolation. Similarly the objectives of the association can only be achieved when a peace and justice oriented association is established.

As development matters of the Nation as a whole shall spring from community members themselves, due to the decentralization strategy of the Nation. The youths of Pakaliba deem it necessary to create a well oriented association to facilitate these development matters. The association consists of ambitious, energetic and skilful youths of  Pakaliba Village, Jarra East District of Lower River Region, who are committed and determined to forge progress and advancement of the members of the association, and the entire community. In recognition of the above facts and with the aim to establish a more perfect association, Pakaliba Youth Association has developed a Legal Constitution to guide the actions and principles of the Association and its members.